We are committed to promoting the game of golf as a pleasant and enjoyable pastime among Junior members of all ranges of ability.


Junior Golf in Blainroe is a year round pastime with competitions and coaching sessions plus camps at Easter and Halloween. It is a fun and friendly environment where boys and girls learn and enjoy a sport that will last a lifetime and where long-term friendships are formed.

Junior Golf is supervised by our Junior Committee.

The Junior Committee is chaired by the Junior Co-Ordinator who is supported by a minimum of seven members and our Club Professional.

Junior Membership Structure

We have 3 Categories which are initially structured according to age but ability can soon influence progress through the Categories.

Cadets 6 – 9 years
Juveniles 10+ years (child being 10 years on 1st January)
Juniors Handicap of 28 or less for boys; Handicap of 36 or less for girls

Handicaps for Boys are governed by Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI)
Handicaps for Girls are governed by Irish Ladies Golf Union (ILGU)

Juniors must progress to Intermediate Membership on 1st January of the year they turn 18


All coaching is carried out under the supervision of our Club Professional.

Coaching programmes are fun and are prepared according to category and ability ......

  • All year round
  • Improving techniques and maintaining enthusiasm
  • Learning Golf Etiquette and Rules
  • Developing golf skills as well as social and life skills
  • Encouraging polite conduct on and off the Golf Course


Competitions for all categories are run throughout the year but with an increased frequency during the months of July and August.

July & August:

  • Competitions take place every Tuesday and Thursday morning at scheduled times
  • Competitions include: Individual, Team, Family Scramble, Parent and Child etc
  • Beginners to the game start out as a ‘Juvenile’ and therefore they play with other golfers of the same
  • standard. At this level Parents and Guardians are encouraged to accompany their child
  • Regular Prize Ceremonies

Outside of July & August:

  • Most Saturday afternoons
  • 9-Hole Competition for Juniors
  • 3(or 5)-Hole Competition for Juveniles
  • Every 6 weeks, prizes are given for Best 3 Cards and for Attendance


Courteous behaviour towards your fellow golfers on the Practice Ground, Golf Course and Club House

  • Be smart, dress the part: Collared Shirt, Smart Shorts/Trousers
  • Hats and Caps are allowed on the Course but not in the Club House
  • Hoodies or Beachwear are not allowed anywhere
  • Warm clothing in Winter
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time
  • Be aware of other players on the Course

Role of Parents and Guardians

As can be appreciated, it is not possible for our Club to provide guardianship during unsupervised playing of casual golf.

We strongly recommend that Juniors do not play alone and should not be dropped off or left unaccompanied at the Golf Club. However, we appreciate that Parents and Guardians are best placed to take decisions regarding responsibilities for their children.

We actively encourage Parents and Guardians to accompany their child (this need not be in a golfing capacity) particularly when they are beginners, while he/she plays casual golf.

Parents and Guardians are requested to familiarise themselves with Course Safety and Course Etiquette and ensure their child practices the same. Information regarding this is available from the Junior Committee.

Private Beach

Junior members are only permitted to use the beach if accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.

Junior Fees

All Fees are annual and include Golfers Insurance.

Entrance Fee None
Cadet €125
Juvenile / Junior €262
Juvenile / Junior (2nd child) €262
Juvenile / Junior (3rd child) €82


Hitting the ball is the fun part, but the fewer times you hit the ball the more fun you have.

Lou Graham US PGA Champion & Ryder Cup Winner